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phone-kanji Aurora


 Today’s Grammar point – 文法のポイント(前置詞 on と at の用法)

 “On Monday I woke up at 5:30. It’s early!”

*ON + day (日) – “The new Star Wars movie will come to Japan on December 18th.” “On Saturday I like to sleep in.” “I will get many presents on my birthday!”

*AT + the time (何時) – “I start work at 9:00 every day.” “Let’s meet at 6:30.”

“The news said a typhoon is coming this weekend!” (ニューズによると今週末は台風が来ます)

Don’t forget your umbrella! 発音(UM-BRELL-AH)

New vocabulary – 新しい単語

popular = 人気      famous = 有名な

“ARASHI is a popular Japanese group.”

“Akashi is famous for octopus.”


Natural conversation – 自然な会話

“My boss doesn’t want to reschedule the meeting next week with our branch office in Texas so I have to change my Obon holiday plans.”

“There was an accident on the Chuo line this morning so I was late for work.”

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